Type C Dual Driver Studio Headphones Wired Led Glowing Earphones


For gaining the amazing experiences, no matter we playing games via computer, laptop, pads, or mobile phones, or we play games by VR headset, we do want to play the games with the professional gaming devices and gaming gadgets ( accessories). The reason is that these devices and accessories can well get us concentrate on the gaming. By doing so, we can get well relaxed.

While, at present, more and more gaming apps on mobile devices, such as mobile phones and pads. So, we can more easily get access to games. And, we can easily spend more time on gaming since we can make full use of spare time to play games. So, more and more people becoming like playing games.

To easily enjoy the amazing gaming experiences on mobile phones, our R&D team have done a lot of research and analysis on the portable wired gaming headsets. Traditionally, people play games by computer with the professional big sized professional gaming headsets, such as the 7.1 gaming headset, 5.1 gaming headset, 2.4G wireless gaming headset, and more. For the unique portability concern, it is not possible for us to take a big sized gaming headsets when we go outside.

However, it would be no problem at all if we can have a small sized in ear earbuds but with full gaming features, such as, powerful and crystal clear sound, boom microphone, illuminating earpieces, and remote control.An in ear earphone designed with these features, it can fully work as a big sized professional gaming headset. And, for the compatibility concern, we design it with the USB C socket.


What’s more, this gaming headset is done with dual microphones, one is the boom microphone and the other is the microphone inside the remote control.These two microphones works alternatively and smartly. When we plug into the boom microphone, the microphone inside the remote control will automatically stop working.

And, for the powerful sound experience, it is designed with dual neo dynamic drivers for the crystal clear and powerful bass sound. And, the volume of the sound can be easily controlled by the switches on the inline remote control.

So, how do you think of a usb c illuminating in ear dual driver gaming headset designed like this? We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions.



Post time: May-05-2021

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