How To Customize The Wireless Earphones And Wireless Headphones?


As an OEM and ODM focused wireless earphones and wireless earbuds manufacturer from China with more than 23 years of global experiences in OEM earphones, OEM headphones, OEM Headsets, and ODM audio products, we would like to share our experiences with you regarding how to make your earphones and headphones uniquely.


Before we talk about the experiences regarding custom earbuds or headsets uniquely, we have to tell your the working direction we can select. Firstly, if we want to custom earbuds significantly, we should take both the visible features and invisible features of the wireless headphones into consideration at the same time. The great option would be the ultimate mix of the visual features ( such as, colors, shape and so on ) and the invisible performance features ( such as audio quality, fitness, functions and so on).

For visual features, it is easily to create the differences in a wireless earphone via the following aspects.

A. Ask headphone factory to produce some part of the ear buds in custom colors. Headphone maker can achieve this by using custom color plastic materials,or via oil spray. If the part you want to customize is not plastic, you can ask the headphone producer achieve this by printing method or directly replace non plastic materials with other materials.For example, we can make the leather part with cloth part, and we can past some metal pieces on some part to make the wireless headset different.

B. If we want to ask the wireless headphones manufacturer to do it more uniquely, we can do investment on the customized tooling for some part or for a wholly new headset. If we just want to make part of the headset wireless unique, we can make a engraved logo on the headphone headband or on the headphone earpieces. And, it is sure that we can make more significant changes via investing on new tooling, such as different surface finishing or customized shape. And, for some headphone brand company, we can ask headphone suppliers replace some part with metal, instead of plastic.By doing so, this can make an oem headphone more luxury.

C. Meanwhile, we can make creations by the efforts on the true wireless earbuds silicone tips, padded headphone ear cushions, accessory headphone cable, or customized headset package.

D. However, we do have to spend more time in discussing about the creation on wireless headset package. As we all know, it is very important to design a decent package for a bluetooth wireless headphone. Under most of the situations, we present headphones to clients by its package. And, when the client get the product, the package and the open box experience will mostly set the real first impression on our clients. However, at present, as the development of social media and internet, we can try to reach most clients via professional presenting materials by social media or web pages.

Now, we can discuss about the invisible features related to the product performance. The accessibility of internet, the development of technology, the popularity of smart phones and the great creativeness of people on the global keeps enriching the performance features of all products. And, the expectations from end users are getting increased with no stop. So, we do need to pay much attention on customizing wireless headphones with special performance features. At present, we can focus our efforts on the following invisible but very important features. 

(1) 3.5mm ,USB C, ( C Pin or type C usb ), or wireless (2.4G, FM, RF, bluetooth, Wifi, Bone Conduction, and more. )

For 3.5mm or USB C, we think more and more brand will choose USB C. As we can see there are a lot of different names, USB C earbuds,type c wired headphones, type c earphones, c type headphones, c pin earphones.

While for USB C, we should pay much attention on the compatibility. We need to check with sales staff or check the detailed product specifications before we select the usb c headset. At least, we should select the digital chip made usb type c earbuds.


When we discuss about wireless, at the latency is getting lower and lower, more and more bluetooth wireless headphones or earphones will become the reasonable choice. Right now, most people will choose the custom bluetooth earbuds, also called as, true wireless earbuds. While for teaching purpose, there are still a lot of people select FM or 2.4G wireless headphones with microphone. And, for wireless gaming audio, 2.4G wireless connection is still very popular. Bone conduction is mainly for sports use and some audio accessories used under special environment.

(2) Different Drivers

Like our products, we have one driver gaming headset with microphone, dual driver options, and triple driver gaming earphones. By adding extra drivers, it does can make the sound performance different. While, for drivers, there are a lot of different choices. And, for multi driver designs, it is also related to the acoustic engineering. We need to check it carefully and before we get the ABC and then, we move ahead,such as the details about the balanced armature drivers made hi res headphones or earphones.

(3) Different Chips
As for custom molded wireless earbuds or earphones, the chips can decide its major performance to a great extent. For high quality chips, such as realtek, CSR, QCC, Airoha, and more. While for middle level, there are BK, ATS,and more. For basic level, there are Jieli, Bluetrum and more. Actually, if for general use, and we have no special expectation on the sound and performances, the chip is not so important,but it is really important to its performance, such as the RF stability, energy consumption, and audio quality. While, if we choose a high level chip,the cost of a wireless earphone will increased quite much. For us, we are focused on realtek, ATS, Jieli and bluetrum. The high quality chip made oem headphones do need the strong support from the marketing team,sale channel, and the brand. Otherwise, it is hard to sell more. However, you may say, we don’t want to sell more, but earn more. This is making sense, too.


(4) 2.1 5.1 7.1
For 5.1 or 7.1 wired or wireless headphones from audio manufacturers, they are mainly design these headphones for gaming. This feature, indeed, can make the gaming experiences quite unique,but it is quite big in sizes and we need a good headphone stand for this kind of headphones. And, we can not take them out, but keep it on desk because of its large size.

(5) Fast Charging And Wireless Charging
This is really a meaningful feature. For some custom wireless earbuds, it is marketed as using one an hour after the fast charge of 5 minutes. From this, we can well know the convenience created by the fast charging wireless earbuds. As for wireless charging, if we have other consumer electronics support wireless charging and we already have the wireless charging plate, we can buy a oem wireless earbuds with this feature, since for all wireless charging products, it can be charged by charging cable, too.


(6) Long Using Hours

For long hours working wireless headphones or tws wireless earbuds, it is related to the battery inside the earpiece and the battery inside the battery case. To some extent, it is really to the PCBA circuit design and the related bluetooth chip. For true wireless earbuds, it is hard to do it with a very large capacity battery inside the earpiece,usually, 50mAh, 45mAh,35mAh or 30 mAh. As for battery capacity inside the case, usually, 500mAh, 400mAh, 350mAh, or 250mAh.

(7) With APP
If we want to make an APP works with your brand truly wireless earbuds, we do need to partner with great APP provider and they can provide long term reliable services and after sales services. It is easy to get it done effectively at the beginning, but, we need keep updating the APP for less bug, and better compatibility.


(8) ENC & ANC
For more chips, they are featured with build-in ENC inside the chip and support ANC. At present, tws earphones wireless support ENC get popular, this feature can ensure that we have a good talk quality. However, we have to check the ENC feature, it is greatly related to the circuit design and the mechanical engineering. For ANC, we would strongly recommend the active noise canceling wireless headphones,instead of true wireless earbuds with ANC. If we do want to OEM wireless earbuds with the ANC, it is better to include it with the transparency mode. As for and wireless headphones, it includes FF,FB,and hybrid options. For our models, we design based on FF or hybrid ( FF + FB). For detailed information, please check on google. And, for ordinary use, FF anc wireless headset is enough.

(9) Vibration

Vibration and illuminating are the features of the gaming headset. For very professional gamer, they do need this feature for the ultimate gaming experiences. Usually, the vibration features combined with the 5.1 or 7.1 wireless gaming headsets.

(10) Voice Assistant
This is really a good assistant if we connect the true wireless earbuds or wired earphones with remote with our mobile phone. For most wired earphones with remote inline, it can activate the voice assistant, but, it is better to check the compatibility. And, the easy way to find a good wired or wireless earbuds is that we can directly buy one from the same brand of your mobile phone. If we want to design one support which brand or with great compatibility, we need to get the samples and do careful and comprehensive tests, usually, it is can not by 100% compatible to all systems. And, by the way, we still have to concern about the updating of the mobile phone system.

(11) Water Resistant
This is a necessary feature for in ear earphones. When we go outside or do some sports activities, we do need the wired or wireless earbuds with water resistant feature. Usually, IPX 5 is enough for common use.

(12) Eco Friendly
To keep the world better and make the world better, more and more big brands are considering about designing earphones or headphones with eco friendly materials, including the package. This is really meaningful to us all. We are going to do our utmost to support and persuade our partners to design and make eco friendly products.

(13) Other Features Based on Special End User Groups
Audio products is strictly related to hearing and noisy environment. So, there are more and more different demands on different professional earphones or headphones. For example, swimming lovers want the totally water resistant earphones or headsets, so they can enjoy music when they are swimming. And, for people working at home, they want noise isolation headphones with good quality microphone.

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After going through the details above, do you have any other new thoughts about how to custom your headphones? Or you get more questions about how to make your brand earphones with special features? It is hard to make a conclusion shortly, but we can try to check our thoughts on e commerce web page, and the comments on similar function earphones or headphones will give us a lot information and support.

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