Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphone

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If we take a flight, for the business class, there usually should have the over head active noise canceling headphone. While, during our daily life, before the release of air pods max, the active noise canceling headphones are not quite widely known and used by us.

For noise canceling headphones, it can be regarded as two different groups, the active noise canceling headphones, and the passive noise reduction headphones. For active noise canceling headphones, they control the noise by the noise canceling system inside the headphones. It is usually the co work of noise canceling chip set, noise detective microphones, and the some of them may be add the digital algorithm.

They are not prevent the noise coming inside, but the detect the noise coming inside and reproduce a opposite direction sound to reduce the noises. By doing so, if we wear on the noise canceling headsets, we can not hear the related noises. While, for the passive noise reduction headsets, they are reducing noise by the memory foam pads on both sides. The soft foam pads can well keep the noise coming inside your ears. They are mainly used by the construction workers, and gardening workers.

As for active noise canceling headphones, it includes three options,Feed Forward ANC, Feed Back ANC, Hybrid ANC.For most basic entry level noise canceling headphones,they are designed based on the Feed Forward ANC or Feed Back ANC. Hybrid ANC is the combination of Feed Forward and Feed Back.

At present, we have three basic active noise canceling headphone models,ANC-808,ANC-8023, and ANC-8032. They are all designed with Feed Forward ANC technology. And, their noise canceling level is up to 18+/-2dB. They are fully meet the user requirements for isolating the surrounding environmental noises. Among them, ANC-808 is collapsible.The sound quality and noise canceling performance is highly recommended by a lot of buyers online and offline

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So, if you wan to experience the noise isolation effect or want to keep your work more effectively, you can select the feed forward active noise reduction headphones. If you want to experience the ultimate noise isolation headphone effect, you can find some top brands, such as the noise canceling headphones from Bose, Sony, Apple, and so on.

Post time: Mar-10-2021

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