• Catch The Super September,The Biggest Sales Event In 2021

      The biggest online sales event in 2021, super September, held by is coming very soon. As the world largest B2B web site, alibaba regularly organize this biggest global event in March, and September in each year. By the event, through...
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  • How To Customize The Wireless Earphones And Wireless Headphones?

    As an OEM and ODM focused wireless earphones and wireless earbuds manufacturer from China with more than 23 years of global experiences in OEM earphones, OEM headphones, OEM Headsets, and ODM audio products, we would like to share our experiences with ...
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  • Type C Dual Driver Studio Headphones Wired Led Glowing Earphones

    For gaining the amazing experiences, no matter we playing games via computer, laptop, pads, or mobile phones, or we play games by VR headset, we do want to play the games with the professional gaming devices and gaming gadgets ( access...
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  • Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphone

    If we take a flight, for the business class, there usually should have the over head active noise canceling headphone. While, during our daily life, before the release of air pods max, the active noise canceling headphones are...
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  • Illuminating Low Latency True Wireless Earbuds For Gaming

    The wireless bluetooth connection technology is updated to the 5.0, so the bluetooth technology is widely used for connection or communication. As the daily necessary consumer electronics, bluetooth headphones, true wireless e...
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  • In Ear Wired Gaming Headset With Boom Microphone

    With the development of new technologies on mobiles phones and gaming, now, we can play various kinds of games via mobile phone, instead of gaming laptops of gaming pc. Meanwhile, more and more people spend their spare time on...
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